Visa Facilitation

The Chamber is in partnership with the Bangladesh High Commission for the purpose of Visa facilitation for our members. We provide visa recommendation letters not only to Bangladesh High Commission but also to other Embassies and Consulates for grant of visa for overseas business travel.


We promote our members businesses with our large following and network through various media channels, including our website, social media, community events, and print advertising. This provides exposure for our memebers' businesses in Nigeria and Bangladesh.


Our chamber of commerce supports member businesses. We act as a voice for the common interests of members. If you have a need, problem, or suggestion, you can put it to our group to work on it. We advocate for change concerning issues that impact small businesses in both countries.

Export/Import Advice

We provide advise to our members on how to ease importation and exportation of goods and commodities between our two countries.

Trade Consultation

We serve as an authentic information hub for research and development on Nigerian and Bangladeshi business opportunities. We also facilitates participation in Trade Fairs and exhibitions in Nigeria and abroad.


By joining our chamber of commerce, you can gain discounts on many of your business needs. Our members offer discounts to one another e.g. on hotels, shipping, legal consultation, medical suppplies, marketing, and IT services.


We provide a platform for you to network with other member businesses. By networking, you get to know others in your community (in Nigerian and Bangladesh), develop partnerships, and support other businesses. If your business is ever in need, you’ll have a community of business owners to turn to for help.


We facilitate business contacts with reputable companies, industries and entities in both countries. We also collaborate with goverment agencies on deepening business ethics and best practices amongst our members.

Professional Development

We host professional development events which include training and meeting opportunities. These opportunities help our members learn and improve upon skills that are essential to running their business efficiently by maintaining a competitive edge in the market space. Also, our professional development events help companies develop without breaking a budget.